Metro exodus damir wont move

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Metro exodus damir wont move

The Caspian Sea has a hot climate - your comrades won't survive without water. This chapter in our guide to Metro Exodus focuses on Artyom's efforts to get some water. You meet Anna. Speak with her - your wife will give you a few side quests related to slaves.

Do them if you want to have a good ending in this chapter. Go back to the Aurora after you have done the side missions or if you decided to skip them. You have a new objective - go with Damir to get some water.

Replenish your supplies before you move out - you will face multiple enemies. Also, don't forget the gas mask filters. You have to get to the northern part of the map - you can drive there in a UAZ. There, you will meet Damir - he is waiting for you near a campfire. Follow him to the cave. The path is rather linear - the only problem here are mutants attacking you from time to time. Keep following Damir. You come across slaves - Damir suggests you a stealth approach.

Decide how you want to complete this part - your choice will determine the chapter's ending and Damir's fate. Your objective is to reach the lever that opens the gate. If you don't care about getting a good ending in this chapter, start shooting everyone. There are a lot of enemies here so be careful. Check all rooms for more supplies. Reach the lever, the one near the closed gate - the lever is on the upper floor. Interact with it to open the gate and escape with Damir.

Upon entering the Baron's fortress, you will encounter a large group of enemies. The majority of them is standing with their backs turned towards you - use this opportunity to eliminate them. If you come across bigger groups, distract them with cans.

Use this method to eliminate them one by one. Dogs are the biggest threat here. They can deplete a lot of your health points and they can the attract attention of other enemies. Try to eliminate them as fast as you can before they manage to ruin your plans.Welcome to the Metro Exodus Trophy Guide!

This entry in the series is a slight departure from the previous titles as it introduces some wide open levels which you can explore, as such collectibles are spread across them and can be tricky to find. Moral points also make a return but to a much lesser degree.

There are no glitched trophies but 3 game spanning missable trophies, as well as a difficulty related trophy for completing the game on Ranger Hardcore, which serves as the only challenge in an otherwise easy trophy list. This may not be necessary, all trophies that require a set number of kills, cleaning your weapons and such all carry over to new playthroughs and chapter select on the same save slot.

This will be the most challenging part of the platinum. Here you need to start a new game on Ranger Hardcore difficulty and complete the game. You will earn this after completing the Moscow level. Aurora Name the locomotive. You will earn this during the Winter level after tuning the radio. Regatta Get into a boat. Railwayman Get into the Trolley.

Metro Exodus: All Endings Explained

Story related and cannot be missed. Further in to the Volga level after talking to Miller about the passenger car, go speak to the little girl called Nastya and she will ask you find a teddy bear, the location will be marked on the map.

The guitar is found in a bandit camp in the lower part of the center area of the map, Idiot and Damir or Stepan will mark it on the map for you as you leave for the passenger car. Long distance passenger Find the passenger train car.

Fisherman Kill the Catfish. For this trophy you need to kill the large mutated Catfish that will sometimes stalk you as you use boats around Volga. You cannot kill it with guns however and it must be done in a specific location. In the depot where the catfish will attack you multiple times, make your way to the end where there is a small area with the lever you use to re-position the tracks.

Pull the bell nearby to lure the catfish into the water ahead, then cut down one of the bodies hanging above and quickly pull the lever on the left to rotate the track which will drop the debris on catfish, killing it.

Duke Duke survives. For this trophy Duke must survive the entirety of the Volga level. To do this you need to stay on neutral ground with the cult and complete the bridge section at the end in complete stealth. If you get spotted reload your game or Duke dies. Make sure you also play the church section in stealth by non-lethal means as well to be safe and get the moral point.

You will earn this after completing Volga. Righteous vengeance Kill 90 cannibals. At the start of Yamantau right after the cutscene where you are freed from captivity by the crew, you will be ambushed by infinitely spawning cannibals. You can choose to ignore the others and keep killing here or try to unlock it naturally by progressing through the level.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Metro Exodus Store Page. Global Achievements. Srok View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 15 of 31 comments. Lazaren View Profile View Posts. The same problem. Same bug. That's horrible. Dear Customer, thank you for your inquiry. Sorry to hear, that you've encountered a glitch. Please restart the current chapter via the main menu of the game. That should fix the problem.

Note: If you reply to this Email please do not edit the subject line. Thank you! I spend about a hours to explore 1st chapter, and hours to explore all 2nd chapter, and they just say me play again 8 hours, without guarantee, what this glitch will not appear again. Best support i ever seen. Originally posted by Srok :. If you keep trying to jump up and grab the ledge Damir should teleport over to the ledge.

It;s funny when he does it!!! He stretches like Fantastic 4 guy I had to do it several times for a couple minutes for it to "click" Hope it works for you. Originally posted by Aeternalis Armentarius :. Originally posted by Ragnar :.

Snowlight View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 16 Feb, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Caspian ruins the games flow. Volga-No villagers to save? Caspian level - end of game for me, no possible way to carry on.Contrary to his nickname, he is one of the smartest men among the Aurora's crew and its resident philosopher. Having selected his own nickname, contrary to its meaning Idiot is in fact one of the most intelligent aboard Artyom's armored train.

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Idiot is relatively quiet, and when he does speak, he speaks somewhat cryptically, fitting for his philosophic nature. During a conversation with Sam while leaving Moscow on the Aurora, Sam wonders why they cannot just bring everyone out of the Metro, now that they know it is safe, to which Idiot is quick to point out that those people would need a place to settle, and food, suggesting he realizes things others do not at first glance.

Idiot can often be seen philosophizing about mankind's struggles and the futility of life. Unlike many of the Rangershe is always in favor of considering all aspects of a situation prior to taking any radical course of action. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Metro Exodus: How to Save Damir

Overview Edit Having selected his own nickname, contrary to its meaning Idiot is in fact one of the most intelligent aboard Artyom's armored train. Gallery Edit. Idiot in Metro Exodus. Categories :. Cancel Save. I think your destiny brought you hereā€¦. Characters of the Metro Game Series. Metro Metro Last Light. Last Light DLC. Metro Exodus. Rangers of the Spartan Order.Damir will accompany you in the Caspian Sea.

The man is loyal and honest - he will quickly get into a conflict with the locals. In this chapter in our guide to Metro Exodus, you will learn how to make Damir join you at the end of your visit in the Caspian Sea.

In the Caspian Sea, you will encounter slaves' faction - they are forced to work for the local Baron. These people are innocent, driven by fear. The key to making Damir join us is to rescue the slaves, sneak past them and stun. At the end of the chapter, you will have a few side missions where you have to rescue slaves.

The photo of Giul's mother is in the bunker you visit during your searches for a satellite map. Give Giul that photo. Thanks to these steps, you will get the good ending at the end of the chapter. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. Game guide. How to save Damir's life? Table of Contents. Going through tunnels Celebrating the New Year Going after the map and blind monsters.

Secrets and trophies.Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement? Add a guide to share them with the community. Game 18 want to boost. Damir Damir stays with crew.

Metro Exodus - Damir Achievement

Metro Exodus walkthrough. Or1g1nal S1nn3r16 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb A few tips I have on this achievement. I finished all of the optional side quests marked on your map by white question marks. I killed a ton of thugs and tribals and let Saul live by knocking him out in the early part of the game. Saul will approach you mid-way through the Caspian level while you are asleep and make an offer to you but from what I saw, nothing transpires from it. I never knocked out or killed any of the slaves on the level.

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If you do all of the optional missions and leave them alone, that goes a long way. Don't knock them out and definitely don't kill them. One of the side missions is in the far northwest of the map; a local is hiding in a little cave within a valley and there are a number of thugs who are trying to get him to lower the rope ladder.

I'm not sure if this mission helps with the morality. After you kill or knock out all of the enemies in the area, the local will drop the ladder and promptly kill himself. Also I don't want to forget that giving the photograph of Giul's mother to Giul probably grants you morality points; whether this is for the end-game or ensuring Damir's survival I'm not entirely sure. There are a few locations where there are slaves who are being held prisoner; off the top of my head there are two in a cage by the water bucket stage.

Release them. At the end-game of the Caspian level when you are visiting the Baron you will see a scripted sequence of a thug who beats a slave and tosses him into an enclosed room.

Quickly move in behind him and stun this thug, you will gain moral points for saving the slave and no one outside will know what happened. There is a similar sequence one floor up in the brothel where a thug is kicking a slave woman.

metro exodus damir wont move

In this instance I did not intervene because I did not want to risk a shootout but she lives and is carried off to the side. I did all of the above and was netted with the achievement after completion of the level. Showing most recent comments. View all comments. Posted by AtomicaBliss on 26 Aug 19 at Note you definitely do not need the the photograph of Giul's mother in order to unlock the achievement.

I did everything mentioned in the guide apart from that and it unlocked for me. Posted by MartyO on 07 Sep 19 at Spared Saul, freed slaves in Oasis and both slave ships, killed thugs in lighthouse and oasis but made extra care not to hit slaves.

I killed tribals in hanger.Metro Exodus sees Artyom and the rest of The Order leave the tunnels of Moscow and venture out into the open world of Russia. Since the game has multiple endings, you may be wondering what the differences are.

Here are all Metro Exodus endings explained.

metro exodus damir wont move

For the most part, the story will follow the same path for both endings, seeing Miller and Artyom head into the Dead City to retrieve the antidote for Anna. You take control of the wheel and drive along, stopping by some train tracks. Artyom then falls asleep and wakes up the next morning, just as the Aurora is arriving.

You lean over to check that the antidote is still there and find that Miller has died in the seat next to you, from radiation exposure. This is where the two Metro Exodus endings begin to differ.

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Katya and some of the crew start to organize giving Artyom a blood transfusion, and they work out what his blood type is. As they do so, Artyom begins to drift in and out of consciousness. The first vision is of Artyom lying down in a Metro tunnel as a mutant bat climbs on top of him.

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He then returns to the Aurora crew giving him blood before briefly seeing more of the tunnel. Then, as the Aurora crew talk about running out of blood supplies, the train hits Artyom.

This is where the Metro Exodus bad ending truly differs. Artyom now wanders through the train that is trashed and covered in blood, ending up at the front of the train, with it being filled with skulls and looking like a shrine of sorts. Miller then walks in and it becomes clear that Artyom has died. The scene then fades to white before returning to what looks like that place on the postcard. The camera pans out from the edge of the cliff, showing two graves.

Anna is shown mourning for Artyon, lamenting how he gave everything up for her, before we see the rest of the crew in Metro Exodus. The good ending in Metro Exodus is generally very similar to the bad one, seeing Miller die waiting for the Aurora and Artyom being given a blood transfusion, but Artyom does not die.

Instead, he takes over as the leader of the crew. A few of the other characters in Metro Exodus talk to Artyom before he begins to wake up. Then, you see a vision of him and Miller talking at Lake Baikal, which is the lake from the postcard and end scene of the bad ending.

Miller tells Artyom that he was right to want to leave the Moscow metro and seek a better life, and that he was just scared to do so. It then spins away from the conversation with Miller as Anna begs Artyom to stay with her, and Miller then tells him to look after her. Miller ends by saying that his time is at an end and asks you to lead them. Finally, to end the Metro Exodus good ending, you see a scene similar to the one that ends the bad ending, with the camera panning away from the cliff, but this time revealing just one grave as Anna and Artyom watch on.

Essentially, in the good ending Miller dies and Artyom survives to lead The Order, and in the bad ending both of them die. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Metro Exodus wiki guide. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Metro Exodus: How to Throw Knives. Metro Exodus: How to Save Damir. To Top.

metro exodus damir wont move


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